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Gain efficiency and productivity in the administration of IT assets, reducing vendor costs, and optimizing labor resources.

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Next-Generation IT hyperautomation Platform

Using our platform you can achieve efficiency and productivity in the administration of IT assets. Reduce your costs on telecom expenses, cloud expenses, and SaaS licenses using AI and robotic process automation.

Hyperautomation will help you to:

  • Cost-Savings and cost-effective

  • Improved Analytics

  • Accuracy & Quality

  • Faster processes

  • Versatility

  • Better IT Support and Management

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Key Strengths and Differentiators

Hyperautomation is the next frontier in IT automation

In today’s increasingly competitive global economy, organizations need to be hyper-efficient and fast or risk falling behind. Our robotic process automation technology enhances efficiency by reducing manual tasks while reducing human error.

Robotic Process Automation

“Integration without limits”.
With RPA we integrate with any corporation & vendor system/web portal.
Our proprietary RPA is 100% integrated to our PaaS
What you see is what you get technology – No EDI.

Wayfast Low Code aPaaS Platform

Wayfast enables customization of the TEM process.

15x faster than traditional development methodologies.

Supports workflow creation that is fully integrated with our patented RPA software.

Build based on the latest software development “agile” software development methodology.

All built in the cloud.

AI Engine

AI platform to learn and improve cost efficiencies on expenses and assets provisioning

AI centered invoice and inventory management in any language or currency.

AI assisted new carrier integration on parsing engines


To manage IT growth, process, security, and cost for midsize organizations the only solution is a Low-Code, RPA driven hyperautomation platform.

Hyperautomation for Telecom Expense Management and Mobility Managed Services.

  • Vendor portal automation.

  • Guarantees that bills are properly paid.

  • Contract and audit at the service ID level.

  • Automated and binding claims reports to
    carriers with errors in billing.

  • Real-time Inventories always updated.

  • AI workflow-driven provisioning.

  • Integrated Microsoft BI reporting.

hyper automation cloud

Hyperautomation for Cloud and SaaS Licenses Management

  • AWS / Azure Support

  • Financial Management – Asset Management – Provisioning / Deprovisioning

  • License Management for Salesforce, gSuite, O365, Slack, Azure AD / Okta, Atlassian, Zoom

  • Cost savings on unused licenses, machines, instances.

  • Automated Backup Information.

Hyperautomation for ITAM Discovery

  • Full automated CMDB and Inventory Management.

  • Privilege Identity Management.

  • Automated Workflows.

  • Provisioning and de-provisioning.

  • Software and Hardware Management.

  • Network equipment.

  • Maintenance and Warranty Management.

hyper automation

Hyperautomation for ITSM

  • Ticketing System.

  • Standard ITIL Workflows.

  • Knowledge Base Functionality.

  • UCaaS Migration / Implementation.

  • VoIP extension.

  • Network equipment.

  • Maintenance and Warranty Management.


Welcome to a spreadsheet-less IT world

Faster execution, better scalability, and higher ROI when compared to any general automation technology.


Hyperautomation will help you maximize your profits by automating business processes and reducing time spent on low-level digital tasks and work, improving your focus on new business ideas and more profitable customers.

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Hyperautomation will help you cut fixed and variable costs related to IT and telecom expenses like mobile data plans, SDWAN migrations, VoIP bandwidth, SaaS Licenses, and Cloud service providers. Also, your IT administration will be impacted, reducing the need for redundant processes or manual work that is costly to maintain.

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Hyperautomation can cope with regulatory compliance requirements and can be used in different compliance areas such as cybersecurity, data protection, contract management, vendor invoice approval, financial rules, and retention policies.

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Hyperautomation Platform brings it all together…

How it works



to solve the entire IT expenses & assets lifecycle, that allows Midsize Enterprise to automate all operational task while keeping control of expenses, security and compliance.

10% to 20%


ROBOT4IT allows shortening the time for solving IT tickets, and moreover, limits the hiring needs of expensive and scarce IT resources.

How does Hyper Automation work?

Some of the technologies and concepts that are included in the Hyper Automation are:

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