How to manage resources and assets in a centralized corporate network and save thousands of dollars without human work and extra-expenses?

ROBOT4IT helps you to understand where are your IT assets and their usage, the true bandwith, costs and assets tied to every location utilizing real-time data.

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Hyperautomation for IT Asset Management.

The only technology that enables the download of all inventory-related items in real-time.

ROBOT4IT integrates and matches the data to your companies’ network connecting assets, costs, services and locations in a centralized CMDB.

This is the way to manage resources and assets in a centralized corporate network and save thousands of dollars without human work and extra-expenses.

Is it attainable to anticipate issues and minimize risks or interruptions using a non-hyperautomated technology?

No. Most companies’ processes don’t guarantee that vendor invoices are without errors in billings, causing delays, inefficiencies, and more expenses due to more human effort.

Our patented technology processes reduces human labor, and therefore, saves costs through the flexibility, integration, and configuration capabilities that re-defines the ability to collect, process, analyze, react, respond and report on any data point, from any platform, in any format and present it in a centralized CMBD.

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Where companies stands now:

Companies’ tracks their inventory from paper invoices without a readability to link that billing item to real services or assets in your network to a real CMDB.

  • Unused bandwith and assets.
  • Hidden costs and no transparency.

Why other solutions don’t do the work:

Other ITAM solutions won’t be able to build software applications integrated to the technology in a centralized platform as quickly as R4IT.

  • More risks and interruptions.

  • Prone to human error.

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How much are you overspending and not simplifying? 

Depends on the number of unused bandwith and unused assets in your inventory. Also the number of branches, buildings and the technology used in your enterprise network.

In some companies that number quickly raises to millions of USD in hidden costs, unused assets and manual work.

Welcome to a spreadsheet-less IT world

Our parsing technology allows you to break down any vendor invoice in any format and move it into our application, automating every task employees do manually in a daily basis, which allow you to have accurate and real data.

How do we change that?

ROBOT4IT‘s integrated Cloud/IT asset management (ITAM) solution automates discovery & collection of inventory, financial and contractual data in a central repository inventory (CMDB) combined with high-level security.

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Control your IT inventory with full transparency and traceability adapted to your needs.

Our hyperautomated technology allows us to customize the solution to your exact needs using low-code applications to change and configure the software in days, not weeks or months.

How a full automated CMDB and inventory management will help enterprises?

Inventory is the essential building block of any ITAM solution. The traditional method of paper form invoices, outdated vendor data exchanges or manual entry process takes too much time, increases the chance of human error, and simply cannot provide the line item detail required for true cost management. With ROBOT4IT, you will have accurate data and processes will take minutes.

Robot4IT integrates the user, device, service, invoice, billing items, vendor contracts and costs automatically in a centralized platform.

You can have workflows integrated into our RPA technology which is also integrated into our software platform to automatically control the IT lifecycle management process.

How ROBOT4IT will take care of dispute management?

The existence of billing discrepancies will be managed by the system to the dispute lifecycle providing workflow driven and dispute management portal for the vendors. This will increase productivity, visibility, and reduce costs without the need to increase employees.

These companies are already using hyperautomation to save costs in TEM & MMS, when will you?

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