How to control your O365 Licenses without manual efforts?

Robot4IT platform lets you manage O365 users licensing provision, control, and usage reducing the licensing costs and the burden of administrative follow-up. How? Using AI and hyperautomation.

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Hyperautomation for Cloud Management (Office 365 and MS Teams)

Hyperautomation for Cloud Management
Office 365 and MS Teams

You can automate user management, simplify day-to-day operations, improve data protection and save costs of unused licenses, machines and instances.

This is the way to control your O365 Licenses without manual efforts.

Is it possible to reduce cost on O365 and MS Teams licenses management while avoiding overload of administrative and support work?

All companies scale support and manual task executions where the users demand grows. Hiring additional staff who need training in the new process cost time and money, completely avoidable.

Robot4IT interacts autonomously with the MS Teams and network infrastructure, Active Directory, HR systems, and O365 services to provision, operate, and control the users and usage of those services without human intervention.

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Do you have an updated SaaS licensing database?

Your team would make infrequent purchases for new licenses or upgrades to current ones, and then when it comes to sharing the prices across the entire business, they won’t be allocating the spend based on a per-user basis for each department, instead they will skip this step completely.

  • Waste money in unused license or innecesary upgrades.

  • Lacks of reusing already free licenses or unused upgrades.

Are your SaaS licenses integrated with the on and off boarding HR process?

Other license expense management solutions only will let you know the number of licenses or total cost, but they are not integrated with your HR and financial data, leading to zero control of your data and usage administration, which can be dangerous in terms of security as well.

  • No traceability: Not integrated with your HR and financial systems.

  • No transparency: You cannot manage licenses usage or provisioning.

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How much are you overspending? 

Depends on the number of users and type of licenses that you have activated and the number of onboarding and offboarding employees, together with the number of support/IT hours that you spend every month.
In some companies that number quickly raise to millons of USD in unnused licenses and support efforts.

Welcome to a spreadsheet-less IT world

As SaaS continues to rise in the workplace, IT leaders and SaaS managers are challenged with managing their growing list of cloud-based software. Until today, most of it is managed in spreadsheets. Cost allocations and active licenses are stored in shared Excel or Google Spreadsheets and no one can manage, control,  provision or analyze those licenses, hurting business productivity thanks to data gaps, slow integration, and repetitive manual tasks. 

How do we change that?

ROBOT4IT’s integrated Cloud/IT asset management (ITAM) solution automates discovery & collection of inventory, financial and contractual data in a central repository inventory (CMDB) combined with high-level security.

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You can automate user management, simplify day-to-day operations and improve data protection.

Our hyper automated cloud platform uses Wayfast, which is a Low-Code Rapid Application Development (RAD) Platform designed to guarantee the full cycle of web and application development with an integrated workflow/BPM engine that enables an increase of overall productivity and cost reduction.

Reduce the manual tasks

without human errors at a 15x speed.

Robot4IT does its work verifying pending transactions from Asignet Cloud Services, through a scripted patented language (workflows) that mimic machine or human commands.

How long it will take until you see results?

It’s our discovery tool building the real-time inventory (CMBD) and tracking any changes to billing and provisioning of new services that will process your data within days, not weeks or months.

These companies are already using hyper automation to save cost in Office 365 and MS Teams licenses, when will you?

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Taking a step forward towards ROBOT4IT will lead your business to automate the collection of inventory, financial and contractual data in a central repository inventory making everyone’s life easier within your organization.

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