How to reduce telecom and mobile costs, control data consumption and reduce security risks without more manual work and inefficiencies?

ROBOT4IT helps you to automate discovery & collection of Telecom and mobile inventory. ROBOT4IT gathers financial and contractual data in a central repository providing enhanced security through complete traceability.

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Hyperautomation for Telecom Expense Management and Mobility Managed Services.

The only technology that automates the life cycle of all devices.

ROBOT4IT manages the cost of a company’s use and purchase of communications services by monitoring service usage, identifying potential overages, negotiating contracts with third-party providers that offer discounted rates for adequate levels of service, and controlling expenditures to ensure compliance with budgets.

This is the way to reduce telecom and mobile costs, control data consumption and reduce security risks without more manual work and inefficiencies.

Is it possible to manage the process of filing disputes with carriers, ensuring the recovery of credits and the management of short-pay decisions without a centralized CMDB?

Most companies’ processes don’t guarantee that bills are properly paid nor don’t have automated audit, dispute management, or binding claims reports to Carriers without errors in billings, causing delays, inefficiencies and more expenses at the end of the year.

Our technology processes reduces costs and human labor through the flexibility, integration, and configuration capabilities that re-defines the ability to collect, process, analyze, react, respond and report on any data point, from any platform, in any format and present all that in a single holistic management view. 

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Do you have an updated SaaS licensing database?

Most companies don’t have a centralized CMBD to ensure high quality of the services operated by IT, significantly deteriorating productivity, and making billing mistakes.

  • IT Inventories outdated.

  • Lack of expenses distribution by cost centers.

Are your SaaS licenses integrated with the on and off boarding HR process?

Other solutions won’t detect 100% of the differences between real-time inventory and what was billed due to lack of traceability, causing more manual work that can lead to errors.

  • No guarantee of accurate billings.

  • Lack of optimization of data plans and continual monitoring of new rate plans on mobile devices.

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How much are you overspending? 

Depends on the number of lines and data plans that your employees have active. Also the number of branches, buildings and the technology used in your enterprise network.

In some companies that number quickly raises to millions of USD in forgotten telecom contracts or underused data plans.

Welcome to a spreadsheet-less IT world

Automate the processing and payment of all invoices, including loading, allocation of charges, approval for payment, the audit function with accounts payable, and bill payment business operations, as well as support for external financial systems integration with operating workflows.

How do we change that?

ROBOT4IT’s integrated Cloud/IT asset management (ITAM) solution automates discovery & collection of inventory, financial and contractual data in a central repository inventory (CMDB) combined with high-level security.

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We parse any vendor invoice worldwide.

Our hyperautomated cloud platform uses patented parsing technologies and robotic process automation, that allow you to transform your invoices into a digital format and ensure accurate data mapping & client-specific needed system data normalization for the complete receipt-to-pay process.

Why do you need an automated parsing tool?

The traditional method of paper form invoices, outdated vendor data exchanges or manual entry process takes too much time, increases the chance of human error, and simply cannot provide the line item detail required for true cost management. With the parsing automation tool, processes will take minutes.

How long it will take until you see results?

You can complete actions for the device online and in real-time, keep inventories fully up to date, and have information on exceptional or suspicious use.

ROBOT4IT integrates the user, device, service, and cost in a centralized platform. Also, automates and integrates this entire process through our hyperautomated solution through custom workflows.

Why having an accurate inventory of all assets is so important?

It can save your company significant money, reduces security risks, and mismanagement avoidance.
ROBOT4IT  automates the discovery & collection of all invoices, inventory, financial and contractual data to manage the Telecom assets throughout the complete life cycle.

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